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  Prairie Rose Ranch - Oregon                  
Prairie Rose Ranch - Oregon
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I raise quality AQHA & NFQHA   horses here in southern Oregon, striving to produce the best of the breed.  These horses are bred for cattle work as well as perfomance, ringwork, pleasure and halter. The mares have the following bloodlines to pass on to their wonderful foals:  SkipperW, Doc Bar, Peppy San Badger, Poco Tivio, Poco Bueno, Mr Gunsmoke, Skipa Star & Ed Echols.
Raise handfed baby  Sulphur Crested (Eleonora) Cockatoo parrots which are for sale most of the year. Visit the parrot link on the left "The Parrot's Nest".
I am also a distributor of  "Classic Perch",  virtually indestructable  bird perches made from natural manzanita wood covered in a special sand mixture.  A natural beak & claw  trimmer !  Very theruepedic for the legs and recommended by veterinarians!
For more information and pricing, see my website located at

VaLinda   (Lindy)  Forshee
Grants Pass, Oregon
541 - 956-1639

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