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Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
(Cacatua  galerita  elenora)
These wonderful birds are white with yellow crest and ear-coverts. The underparts of the flight-feathers and tail are also yellow.

Diet: Consists mainly of fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, roots, insects and larvae in the wild.

Incubation period, weaning:
Incubation is about 25 days. Chicks leave the nest in about ten weeks. They prefer nests in high trees and near water.

This species are beautiful, acrobatic and intelligent showoffs. They can live over 80 years.

Eleanoras (medium sulphur crested) are social, good natured, active and have a sunny disposition. They talk, make an excellent companion, and aren't as needy as some of the other cockatoos.